Online Scientific Instrument Videos

This page presents some of the many web links to online scientific instrument videos. Please note that these links provide immediate access to the videos from a particular institution and not to the home page of the institution that is making them available.

  • The Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica of Florence offers over 70 videos illustrating classical experiments and demonstrations using 19th-century instruments. A list of their videos is available at , and a few selected videos are listed below:

    • Volta electric cannon:
    • Charging and discharging a battery of Leyden jars:
    • Recomposition of light with the “7 mirrors apparatus”:
  • The Niagara Science Museum has prepared a set of videos at . Museum founder Nick Dalacu appears in several:

    • Physics Class at Niagara Science Museum:
    • Oersted's Experiment:
    • Transmission Electron Microscope:
  • In a different perspective, the Centre national de la recherche scientifique proposes a series of historical electrical experiments in their videos of the "Ampère and the history of electricity" site: For teachers, we tried to put the experiments in a historical context and to explain them. The videos may be downloaded and the texts of the videos (in French) are available. Most of the experiments were carried out on 19th c. instruments of the collection of a napoleonic lycée.
  • "" is a student video by Dartmouth 2008 graduate Latif Nasser and demonstrates the restored Metron-O-Scope from Dartmouth College's Allen King Collection of Scientific Instruments. The Metron-O-Scope was patented by James Yantis Taylor in 1933..
  • Diego Urbani (an instrument collector in Rome) presents some historical instruments such as early electric motors, Melde apparatus, Van de Graaff generator and Tesla transformer. See .
  • Martin Doppelbauer demonstrates a working reconstruction of the Jacobi magnetoelectric motor. See .
  • from the University of Groeningen presents a working replica of a model of a 1835 electric veichle.
  • In the "Turn of the Century Electrotherapy Museum" video channel, Jeff Behary  has several clips showing working electrostatic machines, high frequency generators, and several other historical electrical therapeutic apparatus. See .
  • David Pantalony has prepared a pair of video demonstrations of:

    • a Koenig sound analyser (1878) .
    • a Wheatstone wave machine (ca. 1875) .
  • The Smithsonian offers an instructional video on Wave Machines at
  • If you search in Google video "ASTUT UNITO" you will find several videos made with ancient scientific apparatus of the University of Turin. Particularly interesting are the videos made with the apparatus used for screening and testing airplane pilots of WWI.
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